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Overstuffed Closet Syndrome & transform your style and shopping habits in a sustainable way! 

Join the Sustainable Style Mindset & Closet Transformation! Learn how to change your shopping habits and build a closet of clothes you love! No more clutter and plenty of style!

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A closet clean-out alone will not solve your overstuffed closet problem.

You can tidy all you want, but if you want a LASTING solution, you have to go to the source of the problem. If you don't change your shopping habits, you'll always end up with a closet stuffed with clothes. And how much money is that costing you?

Create your own style with mindful, sustainable principles and put a stop to the endless clutter and closet clean-outs.

Imagine: a clutter-free closet filled with clothes you LOVE to wear!

The Sustainable Style Mindset & Closet Transformation gives you the tools and strategies you need to overcome old buying habits that lead to things you don't really need. You'll gain awareness of the real impact of your clothes, set the standards for your own personal sustainability strategy, and the method to change old habits that lead to overconsumption. You’ll learn how to consciously clean out your closet and find alternatives to the clothing collections bin. And you'll understand how to build real style!


Build Awareness 

All transformations begin with awareness. What impact do your clothes have on the planet? What is greenwashing? And how do your choices affect all this?

Set Your Standards

There are many ways to be sustainable. What's most important to you? These value-based standards set the stage for successful habits.

Habit Shift

You'll look into which habits are helpful and which ones are harmful. How can you change these? There's a method for that.

Clean Your Closet

You'll use my slow-edit method to reconnect to the things you love and remove the things you don't. Watch your style unfold.

Say, do these ring a bell?

* You find yourself coming home with clothes that you didn’t intend to buy (and sometimes feel guilty about it)?

*You feel drawn to go shopping to relax or reward yourself?

*You find yourself on a digital ‘surf 'n' buy’ as part of your evening relaxation routine?

* You have things hanging in your closet that still have the tags on them?

Develop a new mindset when it comes to shopping and help stop the masses of textile waste. You have the power.

Overconsumption is the number one reason for climate change and fashion ranks around #4 when it comes to most polluting industries worldwide. It’s also the main reason why your closet might be overstuffed. And guess what? Most of the things you don't wear that you throw into the clothing collections bin ends up in the landfill. And since everyone does that, you can imagine the state of landfills worldwide. It's an ecological and ethical disaster.

We need to shift our mindset towards clothing and start fixing this problem!

Does sustainable style seem confusing?

The three most confusing points people have when it comes to sustainable fashion is that they've heard it's expensive, unstylish and it seems unclear as to what is really sustainable and what isn't.

In The Sustainable Style Mindset & Closet Transformation, we clarify all these points: the true meaning of 'expensive', and how to know if brands are legit in their sustainability claims. And style? You'll discover that the most amazing way to develop personal style IS by acting sustainably!

So what's in the Course?

The Sustainable Style Mindset & Closet Transformation is like no other program.

12 Weeks

That's right. Change takes time and this course gives you plenty of it.

1 hr. Weekly Group Sessions

We'll dive a little deeper into the material each week. And I'll answer your questions.

2x 1 Hour Personal Session

You'll get your own personal coaching session with me. One for mindset and one for the closet.

Video Modules

8 Modules for you to learn from in your own time.


You can record what you learn in the workbooks provided for each module.

Resource Library

A treasure trove of videos, books, articles and other reference materials for you to enrich your experience.

Check Out The Modules

There are 8 info packed modules for you to get all the knowledge you need to transform your style and life!

Each module contains multiple videos. And of course, I have workbooks to accompany the modules for you!



Here you'll be introduced to the course, the resource library and the tools we'll use during the course. Ready, set, GO!



We'll deep dive into the fashion industry and how your clothing came to be. You'll learn about how your clothing affects the planet and the people in it AND we'll take a look at how brands play a role in the sustainability game. How do clothes get recycled? And what's your personal impact? We'll answer those questions here.



What types of principles drive sustainable fashion? What types of values do you have and how can this affect your fashion choices? We'll take a good look at these things and in the end create your own Sustainable Style Manifesto.



How are we influenced? In ways you may not have realised. We take a look at how influence has formed our shopping habits and what we can do to change the way we are influenced.



In this module we put together everything we've learned and discover new ways to enjoy fashion. We'll set some new habits to help us shift our mindset further. And I'll give you the strategy for when you find yourself in a 'cash desk emergency'.

Part 2: Closet-Cleanout


The Closet: Slow-Edit

Here we learn about my Slow-edit method of sustainable closet clean outs. I'll break each bit of information down into bite sized pieces that you can refer back to easily. We'll prepare your space for the clean out and then get down to it.


The Edit

Here I'll demonstrate the editing process to you and you'll get into your own closet. I'll also teach you my favourite tips on how to make your closet look like a boutique. Because it should be a pleasure and an inspiration to open our closets in the morning, right?


Clearing Responsibly

Here you'll learn the best practices to passing on clothing that you don't want anymore. And you'll discover that this process becomes less necessary the more conscious you are about what you choose to own.

The Investment

I know everyone is at a different stage in their own style journey and has different needs depending on where they're at. Some people like to work at their own pace, while others prefer more one-to-one help.

This program was designed for committed people who really want to make a change. The modules are released at a weekly pace to keep you focused on the topic. After the 12 week period, the program is yours to use at your own pace. But the greatest benefit comes from keeping up with the group and joining the meetings. This will give you more valuable insight into the material and give you a chance to ask questions and learn from others.

Both plans get all the great content with the special once-in-a-lifetime bonus of Beta pricing. All group meetings are recorded, and you will receive lifetime access to the course and all of its updated versions in the future.

The Sustainable Style Mindset & Closet Transformation Starts April 21, 2022 at 9am CET! Don't miss out! Space is limited!

Become a part of the founding group! Join the Beta Course!

Get the method for effective style mindset shifting & closet clean out that will improve your life and our planet! You'll get:

  • 12 Week Course
  • 8 Video Modules
  • Weekly Group Zoom Calls
  • 2x Individual Call with Lisa-Marie
  • Extensive Resource Library
  • Workbooks
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Access to the course
  • Once in a lifetime special price launch offer!
  • Special BONUS: Goal-setting with Style Workshop

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This is your chance to get the the red carpet treatment where you get private consultation and coaching throughout the entire course! If you've ever wanted to hire an image consultant, here's your chance! The upgrade:

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What Sustainable Style Academy Alumni Are Saying


"My sustainably conscious closet is easy to navigate and maintain, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Lisa-Marie's help."

"I used to hate opening my closet. It was filled to the rim but there wasn’t much excitement about what I wanted to wear. It became a frustrating attempt every morning to sift through my wardrobe of random things and get myself  dressed."

"There are so many elements to a functioning wardrobe that were too overwhelming for me to even start on my own."

"Luckily Lisa-Marie came to my rescue. she showed me how I can create a wardrobe in a sustainable and functional way that did not have to compromise on my style." 

Cécile Bastien-Remy Speak 4 Impact Coaching

& TEDx Speaker 

“Lisa-Marie’s courses have helped me tremendously.

It was a game-changer." 

"I am much more conscious of what I buy and am therefore a much more responsible consumer (sustainable planet and lifestyle)."

”I learned how to more responsibly get rid of my own and my children’s clothing, e.g., through upcycling, recycling, etc." 

Evelina Ascalon

Ascalon Talent Investment




" I didn't even know that I had so many great items of clothing in my closet. "

"I learned not just to buy individual pieces straight away, but to think about it: If I need this, how can I combine it, I feel good in this item of clothing, etc. In addition, I became much more aware of the colors in which I feel very comfortable.  Now shopping is much easier for me because I am much more focused. "

" Before, I didn't have a clear style.  Now I know much better what suits me and what to look out for."

" I can recommend Lisa-Marie to everyone from the bottom of my heart and out of conviction." 

Sabina Donnellon

Founder, IBEX Coaching


We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

This special beta version is being offered to you for a very special introductory price of 1150 CHF for the regular course. If you wish to upgrade to the personalised version the course costs 2550 CHF. After the beta, the course will be offered for the full price. So here's your chance to get in on a great program and change your life!  

How do I know it's for me?

If you can identify with any of the following, the course is for you:

* overstuffed closet that doesn't bring joy

* buying clothes you end up not wearing

*feeling 'stuck' in your style

*feeling guilty when you get rid of stuff

*you don't like your clothes/you're bored  

Is there a payment plan?

Absolutely! For both the Regular and Personalised courses, you have the option to pay in 3 payments. The option is given to you on the payment page.

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you if you choose to actively participate. That said, you'll get the most out of the course by participating and soaking in some of the deeper knowledge that comes in the calls.  

When can I get started?

This course begins on April 21, 2022 at 9 am CET on Zoom. All calls will be on Thursday morning at 9am CET. The course materials will also be available for you. You will receive an email with all of the details from Sustainable Style Academy, so keep an eye on your inbox!  

Does my location matter?

This is an online course, so it doesn't really matter what part of the world you are in. Simply be aware that the live Zoom calls take place in the Central European Time Zone.  

What if the course ends up not being the thing for me?

Not to worry. I have a 14 day money back guarantee. If you determine within the first 14 days that this isn't for you, you can apply for a refund. After 14 days, no refunds are accepted. For more information on my policies, refer to my Terms and Conditions here.  

Are the group Zoom calls recorded?

Yes. The group Zoom calls are recorded and loaded directly into the platform for you to view later.

Can I make up missed individual coaching calls ?

I get it. Life happens. If you have to miss an individual coaching call, I kindly ask for 24 hour notice. Both you and I know how valuable time is. You have the opportunity to reschedule 1 call if missed, and calls must be scheduled within the 12 week course period. After that, rescheduling is no longer available.  

Are individual calls recorded?

Individual calls are recorded at your request. if so, you will receive the link to view them after the call. Otherwise they are not recorded by default.  

Still Have Questions?

No problem! Book a complimentary 30 minute call and I will answer all of your questions.

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I'm Lisa-Marie Armstrong. I'm from California and live in Switzerland, am the mom of two girls and founder of the Sustainable Style Academy. I've worked in fashion for nearly 30 years and as an image consultant for over a decade. I know what it's like to have an overstuffed closet because I had one myself. This program was created as the answer to my own fashion overconsumption problem. Now I've helped many women transform their lives and style with my method. We create sustainable, healthy style habits together!

Want to talk to me in person? I'd love to meet you! Schedule a 30 minute complimentary call!

Lisa-Marie ❤️